European R&D

High-quality Advanced biofuels:

  • helps European car manufacturers to maintain their leadership in developing more fuel-efficient engines.
  • are stable products with no 'best before’ date.
  • can be stored over long periods of time.

Advanced biofuels are based on European-led research.

The European Union has financed and fostered the development of advanced biofuels under its its 7th Framework Programme for R&D and Strategic Energy Technologies (SET) programme. The work continues under the new Horizon 2020 programme.

Neste invests significantly to research and development of advanced biofuels. Today, €40m is being invested into R&D at Neste Oil, 80% of which is focused on finding and developing new raw materials for advanced biofuels. Currently, Neste R&D is developing waste-based microbial oil and algae oil as new types of feedstocks for producing renewable fuels.

Today, €40m is being invested into R&D at Neste Oil, 80% of which is focused on advanced biofuels


European R&D and EU Policy

Finding new, commercially scalable renewable raw materials for biofuels should remain the focus of collaborative European R&D. 

In addition to pre-commercial R&D and innovation financing through Horizon 2020, it is very important to have a clear and predictable regulatory framework beyond 2020 to encourage R&D and innovation for biofuels raw materials.  Moreover,  a level-playing is needed between different uses of raw materials.
It is not acceptable that according to the so-called "waste hierarchy" cosmetics, for example, are considered a higher-value use than advanced biofuels that can save up to 90% of C02 emissions.